For over a year now, I’ve been drawn toward all matters of the occult and spirituality--from astrology to divination to, currently, studying the cultural roots and anthropologies of ancient civilizations. My findings and understandings have come from a handful of books and literary pieces, but mostly from diving into the abyss that is the internet. My internet searches would force me to leap from page to page in order to research content, and I could only bookmark the website for future reference. But bookmarking wasn’t an efficient method either, unless I wanted to have dozens of bookmarks for topics of such a broad spectrum. Since I was learning, I also wanted to organize my thoughts into one collective medium, as a way to revisit my findings and notes, especially since one source could be parallel to another. I considered using a journal to store the data I was gathering, but realized a journal could easily become disorganized and incoherent, since my research was too scattered for the organizational limitations that paper poses.

I needed a platform that allowed me to store all my findings--images, videos, links, my own interpretations in one space that I could refer back to and investigate further. I also needed the versatility and flexibility to curate my findings into subcategories, so that my research and mental flow could be organized and concise, regardless of the number of branches that a topic like spirituality has. I needed a platform that was easy to use, and that helped me manage my time and the information I was building upon, while also being accessible to my friends if I wanted to share content.

With Factr, I’m able to break through all those virtual and concrete limitations. By starting a stream for my findings, I can post and organize a system of content and links efficiently and without hassle. Features like activity options, folders, and hashtags make it easy to access everything and anything simply based on category. In addition, I can include my voice and thoughts in all the content I post, as well as links and images, without having to worry about the minimal character limit that most social media platforms place.

Joining Factr made me realize that I wanted to keep my content more exclusive than what most social platforms allowed. At first, I needed to have an outlet to curate all of my research in one medium, but I began to want to share this content with my friends who also were interested in spiritualism--specifically those who were at the very beginning of their journey. I wanted to have a safe network for myself and my friends, without too many prying eyes, especially since esoteric knowledge is so controversial with the broader public.

Along with enabling me to curate my content, Factr allows me to curate my stream’s audience. I have complete control over who I want to share access with--the general public or specific individuals, based on direct invitation. I can also control the type of access people have to my stream--whether they will be a viewer, contributor, editor, or administrator to the stream. This feature will allow me to expand my network letting others post content collaboratively, and it will make the stream as a whole much more knowledge-filled and diverse.

-Kevely Ferreira